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Android 13 To Ditch SIM Cards

Google are looking to eliminate the need for a SIM card for the next generation of their Android operating system. At the core of the plan is to design a built in eSIM that can connect to two carrier networks, allowing users to switch between them.

There have been phones available with two SIM card slots for years, however the hardware real estate that they take up means that sacrifices in other aspects such as battery size must be made. The elimination of a SIM card slot completely would allow smartphone manufacturers to jam pack more into their devices with the extra space. This could come in the form of a bigger battery, a slot of additional storage or even extra processing power, storage or memory.

The e-SIM would work via a feature called Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP), allowing two carriers to be assigned and switched between at will. The patent for MEP was filed in 2020, and reports have stated that it is currently being tested on Google Pixel hardware.

While Android may be the ones looking to implement the technology, the report via Esper believes that this could be fitted to iOS and other devices too.

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