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Amazon’s Secret Home Robot ‘Vesta’ In Late-Stage Development

Amazon is reportedly in late-stage development of a secret project involving a home robot, codenamed ‘Vesta’.

The Jeff Bezos-owned tech giant has been developing the robot device for around four years and there are 800 employees working on it, according to reports.

The secretive robot development is in the ‘late prototype stage’, however Amazon has not yet planned an official launch date.

Sources close to the project claim staffers are worried ‘Vesta’ will have a similar disastrous ending to Amazon’s failed smartphone, Fire Phone.

“People are very sceptical — we’re worried it could turn into another Fire Phone,” one of six anonymous sources told Insider.

Amazon’s Echo Dot

Vesta will reportedly be an Amazon Echo device on wheels – a voice activated assistant which can intelligently navigate the home, respond to commands and interact with other smart home devices.

Insider reports the robot is the size of ‘two small cats’ and will be equipped with a screen, cameras and a microphone.

Extra features could include sensors for monitoring temperature, air quality and humidity and could even help people find items such as keys or wallets.

While Amazon has poured a lot of money and resources into the development of Vesta, Insider claims the trillion-dollar company has modest sales projections for the smart home robot.

“Amazon could initially launch it as a limited invite-only product, similar to what it did with its fitness band Halo, according to these people,” the publication reports.

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