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Amazon Web Services Claims One-Third Of Global Market

Amazon Web Services currently holds a worldwide market share of 33 per cent, climbing back to dominance after both Microsoft and Google attempted to take a bite out of its business.

Between them, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud command 63 per cent of global cloud infrastructure services spend, with a total of $USD42 billion for the June quarter. This is a whopping 39 per cent over the same period in 2020.

This is according to industry analyst firm Synergy Research, who also note that year-on-year growth has increased for the last four quarter, buoyed by companies increasingly moving to the cloud.

“This market continues to be a runaway success story for Amazon, Microsoft, Google and some other cloud providers,” said Synergy Research Group chief analyst John Dinsdale.

“You would not normally expect to see growth rates actually increasing in such a huge and rapidly developing market, yet once again that is what our research has shown.

“It must be said that this success is hard-earned. Amazon, Microsoft and Google in aggregate are typically investing over $USD25 billion in capital expenditure per quarter, much of which is going towards building and equipping their fleet of over 340 hyperscale data centres.

“There remains a wealth of opportunity for smaller, more focused cloud providers, but it can be hard to look away from the eye-popping numbers coming out of the big three.”



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