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Amazon has thrown its name into the universal remote control ring taking on the likes of Logitech’s Harmony remote with its recently launched Fire TV Blaster.

Due to be released in the US, Canada, UK and Germany on 11 December, the Amazon Fire TV Blaster is available for preorder for $34.99 and requires a Fire TV device to operate.

At this time, there is no information regarding Australian availability or pricing, though, considering the lack of Fire Stick TV devices sold in Australia, it does seem unlikely.

The companion device is a tiny device at just over 2-inches tall that allows users to connect their compatible Audio Visual sources to the Amazon Fire TV Blaster to enable voice-controlled input switching for your TV and Fire Stick streaming device.

Using your voice, you can operate compatible TVs, soundbars, satellite and cable boxes, and receivers from a range of different brands including Sony and LG.

Though unlike the Logitech Harmony devices, Amazon cannot interact with non-compatible devices, with the Fire TV Blaster only able to communicate with and operate Alexa enabled devices.

It should be noted, however, that the Amazon Fire TV Blaster does not have a built-in microphone or speaker, meaning users will need to ensure they have a compatible Alexa smart speaker for voice control to work.

Furthermore, the TV Blaster is not compatible with Fire TV Edition televisions or soundbars.

Clearly out to compete with the likes of Logitech’s Harmony Remote, or even the Control4 Smart home controller, the Amazon Fire TV Blaster represents a push by tech companies into universal remotes.

Connected home products are experiencing tremendous growth, and by positioning your device in the centre of it all presents a substantial business opportunity for Amazon to control all the things in your smart home.

While Logitech’s offerings are considerably more expensive with its flagship Harmony Elite remote costing upwards of AU$479.95, Amazon’s entrant into the market may bring down prices across the board.

Though considering the Logitech devices work across Amazon, Google and even Siri with the Harmony iPad Base Charging Stand, you definitely get what you pay for.

More details regarding the Amazon Fire TV Blaster can be found here.

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