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Best Price: Amazon Sale On Nintendo Switch Games & Accessories

Fans of one of the most popular gaming devices, the Nintendo Switch, are in luck – Amazon is selling Switch games and accessories for below retail prices.

The popularity behind the device is the diversity – it can act as a handheld device and be transformed into a console when docked. It’s also popular because of its monopoly over the Pokemon franchise.

Amazon is tapping into this consumer demand, selling bundles, controllers and wireless controllers.

The Nintendo Switch Console Bundle contains the Nintendo Switch Consolde, a Poke Ball Plus accessory as well as a download code for the Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu! game.

The gaming console and dock are themed in either Pikachu or Eevee designs. The controllers are either yellow or brown – most likely a nod to Pikachu’s colours.

The Poke Ball Plus enables new ways of playing, as well as integrating the game with Pokemon Go – allowing users to bring their Pokemon adventures with them anywhere.

The Nintendo Switch in neon blue and neon red is also on sale.

It’s the latest Nintendo Switch that comes in a red box and guarantees better battery life, up to nine hours on certain conditions. It’s an improvement compared to the 6.5 hours offered by the older version.

But the new Nintendo Switch doesn’t allow for any tinkering – meaning you won’t be able to run Android on the switch. If this is your intention, it’s best to purchase the older version.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is also available for sale on Amazon.

It has ergonomics better designed for gaming, a larger battery life and also has features like motion controls, built-in amiibo functionality and HD rumble.

It’s currently selling for $11 less than retail.

The final accessory for the Nintendo Switch is the JALVDE Wireless Joy Pad Controller.

The third-party controlled made by Jalvde comes at half the price of Nintendo controllers and is reduced below retail price on Amazon.

It can attach to the sides of the Switch like the original Joy-Cons and also features a larger grip for better, more comfortable handling.

The Jalvde Wireless Joy Pad Controller has fully functioning motion sensing but no HD motor vibration, leaving it incompatible to work with games that need it.

You can purchase these products from the official Amazon website while stocks last.

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