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Amazon Prime Content Now Able To Stream in HDR10+

Samsung and Amazon have teamed up to provide the entire Amazon Prime Video library with HDR10+ Content, a new open standard leveraging dynamic metadata producing enhanced contrast and colours on a expanded range of televisions.

Sang Yoom Kim, VP of Smart TV Business Development at Samsung Electronics America says, “We are thrilled to announce HDR10+ content for consumers. The launch marks the first opportunity for consumers and the industry to experience HDR10+ technology through a streaming service.”

Greg Hart, VP of Prime Video says, “We are dedicated to offering Prime Video members the best possible viewing experience, and we are excited for our members around the world to experience our content in HDR10+. The viewing experience of HDR10+ combined with Prime Video┬╣s award-winning content is ushering in a new era of entertainment for consumers on these devices.”

The HDR10+ technology on Prime Video incorporates dynamic metadata that allows high dynamic range (HDR) TVs to adjust brightness levels on a scene-by-scene or even frame-by-frame basis. By applying individualised tone mapping to each scene, HDR10+ delivers an incredible viewing experience for next generation Samsung displays.
The picture quality offers an enhanced visual experience with more detailed expressions, brighter shadow areas and more accurate colour renderings that stay true to the creator’s original intent. Through the use of the precise Bezier based tone-mapping guides, Amazon is able to deliver the optimal viewing experience across a variety of TV models.
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