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Amazon Launches New Echo Dot Speakers As Demand Wanes

Amazon who are facing falling demand along with Google, for voice activated speakers has overnight moved to launch new Echo Dot speakers.

These are the first speakers from Amazon since COVID hot and they come with enhanced features.

Among the new range is the Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock as well as an Echo Studio.

While both of the new speakers look similar to their predecessors, with the spherical form factor, the new models have a custom full-range driver, with the highest excursion of any Echo Dot.

Amazon claims that the new improvements will deliver clear vocals and up to double the bass of the previous generation.

Both models have a temperature sensor in them, which can be used to trigger an Alexa routine, such as turning on a fan when the temperature gets too hot. There’s also an accelerometer inside for new tap gestures.

Tapping the top of the device, you can pause and resume music, dismiss timers and end a call. Since physical action is often easier than a spoken one, being able to do more with a tap makes more sense.

Both new products have an AZ2 Neural Edge processor inside, which process more features on the edge without having to go to the cloud. This, the company says, will make the new Dot models faster to respond.

The Echo Dot with Clock has a new 5×21 LED high-density dot technology display, which is easier to read. It will also display more information than on the old model and will show the name of a song and artist, the weather, a calculator, or unit of measurement, and more.

Among the new offering is the Amazon Echo Studio which is positioned more as a high-end audio device than a smart speaker.

It’s also designed to work with TVs to make the most of film and TV soundtracks and if you buy two of them, they can be paired to deliver stereo sound.

The new Echo Studio also has spatial audio technology built in.

This technology enhances stereo sound, and Amazon says that it mimics the stereo performance of a hi-fi stereo system: vocals are more present in the centre, and stereo-panned instruments are better defined at the sides. In addition, the speaker will deliver better mid-range clarity and deeper bass.

As with the older version, the new model works with Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio.

The Echo Studio will be available Charcoal and Glacier White. It’s available to pre-order today and will ship from next month.

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