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Amazon Australia Opens Up To Indian-Based Sellers

Following a successful trial last month, Amazon Australia has opened up its platform to Indian-based sellers. Approximately sixty Indian sellers are now actively selling on Amazon Australia, with commentators questioning the affect on local suppliers.

Speaking to the Press Trust of IndiaAmazon VP of International Marketplaces and Retail, Eric Broussard, asserts Indian sellers can now reach Australia’s “highly engaged online consumers”.

As previously reported, Amazon Australia notched 10,000 sellers in March. The e-commerce behemoth is tipped to hit 50,000 by year end.

Some commentators question what effect international seller growth will have on the infant Australian marketplace, particularly its affect on local consumers and suppliers.

Popular products expected to land on Amazon Australian from Indian sellers include household goods.

For Indian-based sellers, the addition of Australia increases their reach to eleven international Amazon marketplaces (e.g. US, Japan and Canada).

Last year Amazon’s Indian-based sellers reportedly notched a profit growth of 200%.

Last year, Amazon’s cross-border sales from SMEs reportedly soared over 50%, with global exports jumping 30%.

Mr Broussard asserts sales from SMEs selling cross-border now represents over 25% of Amazon seller sales.

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