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ALDI Special Buys: Home Security

Popular food chain ALDI has launched another Special Buys program with home security being at the forefront.

Those looking to better protected their loved ones can be assured to sleep easier with both the 8 Camera Home Security System With DVR and Honeywell Linkable Floodlight being offered with significant savings.

The 8 Camera Home Security System With DVR is a comprehensive security system featuring, as the name indicates, eight high resolution cameras that can be set up around the property or location the owner selects.

With real-time recording and a built-in 1TB hard drive, owners can expect lots of security with little fuss. Remote viewing on owners connected mobile device is also featured, meaning users can access their protected properties at anytime, anywhere.

The camera system also offers night vision of up to 24 metres – an impressive feature with just a $279 price tag.

Additional features include a Linux operating system, HDMI resolution 1920 x 1080, day and night modes, 180-degree camera rotation, IP66 waterproof casing and sturdy, lightweight stands that protect cables from tampering – amongst others.

The 8 Camera Home Security System With DVR can be purchased for $279 in store in the ALDI Special Buys section while stocks last.

Additionally, the Honeywell Linkable Floodlight is also available on sale through the ALDI Special Buys program.

With a three-year warranty guarantee, the flashlight has a 3,000-lumen light output, 150-degree motion detection of up to 10-12 metres, making it a reliable and sturdy security device.

Additional features include wireless capabilities with up to six Honeywell lights, dual head rotation light angle provides multi-director illumination purpose and the ability to turn on automatically when motion is detected.

The Honeywell Linkable Floodlight can be purchased in store at an ALDI in the Special Buys section for $49.99 while stocks last.

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