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Alcatel Speaks Up On IDC Growth, Roadmap Of Products

Today’s IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker Report has seen Alcatel retain its spot in third place when it comes to the local smartphone market.

Although the overall smartphone numbers have declined, Alcatel grew more than 23% when compared to the previous year. 

“Alcatel controls just over 5% of the smartphone market as they consolidated their hold on the low-end space. The targeted strategy of pre-paid phones exclusive to telco providers is the key driving force behind Alcatel shipments,” the IDC report says.

 According to Sam Skontos, VP & Regional Managing Director, Alcatel Australia New Zealand, “This latest result shows that we have delivered a sustained performance over a solid period of time such that any debate about data in the market can be put to bed.”

“We offer Australian consumers a combination of innovative features and affordability that they find compelling, and they have responded accordingly.”

He says the company will continue to invest in both channel activity and broader brand awareness, saying they have a “strong roadmap of products that we are very excited about.”

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