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Alcatel Pens Deal With Family Zone, Software To Be Pre-Loaded On All Oz Devices

Alcatel have signed a deal with Family Zone, cyber-safety company with its software tol be pre-loaded on all new devices from mid-2018.

Family Zone consists of a range of cloud services and embedded or installed software that inter operate to enable the ecosystem approach to cyber safety.

Its on-device technology is called Mobile Zone which runs on many platforms including Android smart devices, iOS, macOS, Windows and Chromebooks. Alcatel says it has already been successfully tested on a number of smartphones and tablets.

This agreement enables Alcatel to offer world leading parental control features to their customers and offers Family Zone an additional distribution network and the ability to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Tim Levy, managing director at Family Zone says, “In the past 18 months we’ve achieved a lot of success and a lot of ‘firsts’, our alliance with Alcatel is however one of our proudest. Family Zone’s vision is for our technology to be embedded on every device and network that our kids use. We are in schools across the world and have agreements with Telcos and access point manufacturers globally. Our agreement with Alcatel however completes the picture with a manufacturer of mobile devices joining the ecosystem. We are proud that we can now demonstrate the fullness of our vision.”

Once parents have signed up for Mobile Zone on their Alcatel device they obtain all of the benefits of the Family Zone ecosystem, including the ability to protect more devices, protect the home and work with their school on cyber safety programs.

Family Zone will be pre-installed on the new Alcatel range set to launch in mid-2018.

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