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BRV-X Rough ‘N Tough Speaker $299

BRV-X Rough

The outdoor HD wireless Bluetooth speaker withstands drops, bumps, and is IPX7 water-resistant rated and definitely looks like it could take on the elements. 

Designed for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, the BRAVEN BRV-X has a $299 pricetag. 

The Braven BRV-X Rugged Wireless Speaker TrueWireless technology has frequency tuning ability to maximise sound quality and volume indoors and outside with a switch that adjusts audio output to fit the surroundings.

TrueWireless also allows wireless pairing with a second speaker for left and right stereo sound using two BRV-X speakers. 

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The BRV-X comes equipped with custom HD drivers and omnidirectional passive bass radiator , and also has NFC, Bluetooth for pairing devices. It pumps over 12 hours of continuous HD sound, charges USB devices and GoPro’s with an integrated 5200 mAh power bank.

The rugged wireless speaker has a built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone to take calls and comes with a heavy-duty strap to secure the speaker on bicycles, tents and all-terrain vehicles and boasts a shockproof rubber exterior. 
“The BRV-X is the next step in the evolution of the rugged wireless speaker and the big brother of the highly acclaimed BRAVEN BRV-1,” stated Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive of BRAVEN. 
“The BRV-X is the tank of mobile speakers with the durability to withstand any adventure, the sound technology to adapt to any environment, and the clarity and volume to blast all your favourite music in HD.”
It comes with the option of Black with Black Grill or Grey with Black Grill. 
It is on sale at Beezer, Gadgets Boutique and Streetwise.  
BRAVEN’s Australia Distributor is MacGear.