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Vodafone’s Carrot To Crazy Johns

VodafoneAS Crazy John’s announce it will deactivate all postpaid services, the red telco is offering a carrot to Crazy’s circa 100,000 customers, who look set to have their service terminated in September.

Crazy John’s remaining customers have now been given until 30 September to swap their current SIM for a Vodafone one by the allocated transfer date, or have their service terminated.
“We’re novating customers where we offer a contract of equal or better value, so they just bring their existing phone over,” a Vodafone spokesperson told CN. 
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“Where we can’t offer a similar product we’re giving the customer the option to choose Vodafone or another carrier.”
Mobile customers who move to a Vodafone plan, might include a new phone over a contract period.
Adding 100,000 subscribers would be good for Vodafone whose customer based has shrunk considerably, of late.
Vodafone Hutchinson Australia had under 5 million customers by the close of FY13/14 – a fall of almost one million, in a year. 
Most of the 100K Crazy John customers have already made the move to Vodafone or other carriers, a spokesperson confirmed.