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Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones Take Off New Range At Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is now ranging the Aftershokz bone conduction headphones which are proving incredibly popular with people who don’t want buds in their ears but do want high quality audio.

Bone conduction headphones let you listen to music or audiobooks take calls while allowing one to hear clearly what’s going on around you.

According to the distributor of Aftershokz, Hemisphere Business Consultants, Harvey Norman stores are being supported with full interactive custom-made displays, that allows customers to use the headphones in store “so they can better understand the benefits of bone conduction technology in a real-world environment” claim management.

Kieran Adams a Director at HBC said, “The attraction of Aftershokz for Harvey Norman was that it is a totally unique product offering, extremely well presented, the unboxing experience for customers is best in class and the product is great quality”.

The 2 models on offer at Harvey Norman are the Open Move entry level headset for $139.00 and the flagship Aeropex headset for $249.00, both headsets have been tested by ChannelNews and are among the top headphones in this category.

The Aftershokz Open COMM headphones now on sale at Harvey Norman use bone conduction which are a lot more comfortable to wear for long periods.

The history of bone conduction hearing can be found here with the uptake accelerating among people who want an easy to sue headphone that they don’t have to put in their ear canal.

Click here for more information on bone conduction hearing. 

The chart below shows the differences between the products, keeping in mind that Aeropex is overall a much sleeker design than Open Move, but Open Move represents great value for money for people that are new to Bone Conduction audio.



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