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AFP Brings Down Phishing Scam Impacting Australians

CANBERRA: An Australian Federal Police operation has led to an international investigation into one of the world’s largest phishing scams that has impacted 11 nations.

The alleged offender developed phishing tools involved in approximately 50 percent of all phishing scams in Australia in 2019.

The cybercriminal used a Universal Admin or U-Admin phishing kit to steal user bank log-in details and intercept outgoing transactions, allowing him to steal millions of dollars from Australian bank account holders.

The AFP worked closely with the telecommunications industry, government cyber agencies and banks, including NAB, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac, ANZ and Telstra, during the operation.

The investigations resulted in the arrest last week of a 31-year-old man from Ternopil in Ukraine.

Police allege the man developed the U-Admin phishing kits used to steal tens of millions of dollars from 11 countries and was involved in selling the phishing tools on the DarkNet.

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