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Dyson Robot Cleaner 360 Eyes

Dyson Robot Cleaner 360 EyesDyson 360 Eye robotic vacuum is so smart it constantly sees all around the room at once. 

Launched in Toyko overnight, the robot cleaner has panaromic 360 degree vision system that uses complex mathematics, probability theory, geometry, trigonometry to map and navigate where to clean in a room. 

The smart robot is linked to the Dyson Link app allows you to schedule when or where 360 Eye cleans.

It uses a map and infrared sensors sees objects in front of it – and, turns avoids them.  

The smart robot also has powerful suction to pick up the smallest particles with a Digital Motor V2 that spins up to 78,000 rpm. 

Inventor James Dyson points out robotic vacuums lack suction so “don’t make very good vacuum cleaners” and says his 360 Eye is the first “capable of high performance cleaning.” 

The British maker says the 360 Eye has generates the highest suction of any robot vacuum so you can trust Eye 360 to capture dirt and microscopic dust. 

Its Radial Root Cyclone technology, generates high centrifugal forces to capture particles like pollen and mould. 

It also has continuous tank tracks, engineered for accurate manoeuvring over all floors and two types of bristles for hard floors and carpet and a motorised brush bar. 

No word on release date yet, but Dyson are letting interested parties sign up to alerts via its website.  

It has a 2 year guarantee.