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IFA 2014: LG Talking Ovens + Wi-Fi Fridges

IFA 2014: LG Talking Ovens + Wi-Fi Fridges Unveiled at IFA 2014, LG new smart appliances, ovens, fridges have a really clever feature called HomeChat – which allows homeowners text their appliance to recommend recipes or tell them how many beers are in the fridge. 

HomeChat is based on the Line messaging system. The technology is enabled by WiFi and NFC-ready smart  appliances. Near Field Communication (NFC) pair and exchange data between smartphones and LG smart appliances.

HomeChat will also diagnose faults in a machine with Smart Diagnosis – a technology which its new washing machines now boasts along with NFC tagging, WiFi and audible diagnosis, along with other appliances including Roboking vacuum. 

By texting “remove juice stains” on HomeChat initiates ‘One Touch Washing’ to prescribe the appropriate cycle for washing machine. This clever technology also assesses what’s in the fridge and tells what you need to buy while at the supermarket.

As soon as the washer has completed a load, for example, the user can automatically receive a notification on their LG Smart+ TV featuring webOS.

Typing “leaving home” also activates the robotic vacuum cleaner’s Home Guard mode. For LG ovens, once the user has received a recommended recipes from HomeChat, the smart oven sets the temperature and cooking time for the dish. 

The appliance company unveiled a slew of new washing machines at IFA 2014 with turbo TurboWash Technology that can slash 30 minutes of a cycle, steam technology and some have a gigantic 12kg capacity.

Given that so many appliances are kitted out with Wi-Fi, LG also unveiled LG Smart Home – smart home ecosystem that control appliances with management modes such as Leaving Home, Coming Home or Vacation. 

LG smart ‘Roboking Square’ robotic vacuum is also on show this week at IFA Berlin this week. 

Speaking of ovens, LG’s oven with Lightwave Technology with Charcoal Lighting Heater at IFA 2014 in Berlin is a “game changer,” says its maker. By using a charcoal filament, it emits a rapid flow of intensive heat deep into the dish, creates crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside dishes. 

It minimises nutrient-loss and the double functionality of a microwave and an oven offers greater cooking flexibility. 

LG is also showcasing its new grill and solo models equipped cleaning technology at IFA.