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Adobe To Double Local Operations In Next Two Years

Adobe has plans to double the size of its local workforce by the end of 2023.

Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Suzanne Steele, told AFR that she wants to double the 500-strong Australian-based team, with similar plans afoot in New Zealand.

“We’re looking for the best and brightest across these functions and our hybrid remote working policy means we are able to attract amazing talent, regardless of location,” she said.

“Australia is a pivotal market for Adobe and a significant market for Adobe’s international business outside of the United States,” she said.

“This is fuelled by Australian consumers and creatives being early adopters of technology, as well as many Australian brands being progressive on their digital transformation journeys – even pre-pandemic.

”When COVID hit, we saw digital transformation conversations peak. It was a shift from risk assessment and return on investment programs of work to ‘how do we stand up robust e-commerce and digital experience capabilities in a matter of weeks?’

“The economy has fundamentally changed. We’ve moved from a world with digital to a digital-first world – and there’s no going back.”


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