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Acer Unveils New Bike Desk

If treadmill desks don’t cut it for you, Acer has launched their latest eKinekt Bike Desk that lets you sit and exercise during work.

The bike converts energy from the rider’s pedaling power to charge laptops or other devices to let you pedal and work at the same time.

While not exactly built for the gym freak, its definitely an affordable model for moderately active to sedentary people to kick in some power workouts in the middle of their day.

Based on how hefty your workload is, you can switch between Working and Sports Modes to shift desk positions while pedaling to either focus on tasks or workouts. In Sports Mode, the desk top sits further forward, giving more room to lean in, similar to the position on a standard bike or trainer, for added leg space and increased pedaling power, while Working Mode puts it in its original position.

The bike looks a tad too uncomfortable for a long period of sitting however, since you can’t really lean that far back.

This makes us question: how long can you possibly use it for while working from home?

Built with PCR plastic for the desktop and casing, the model is eco-friendly and features two USB Type-A and one USB Type-C port for multiple mobile device charging, a bag hook, and a beverage holder.

You can also use the eKinekt companion app to check riding duration, distance and speed, while indicating the estimated number of calories burned and watts generated.

Priced at $1500, the bike will be available in North America in June. Its launch date in Australia is currently unknown.

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