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Acer To Expand Online Sales As They Go After Work At Home Executives

Acer is set to expand their online operation across Asia Pacific including Australia according to senior executives who also claims that things will now pick up for all PC manufacturers after Apple dumped Intel.

The move to expand online sales, comes as PC brands see a surge in online demand according to Acer president of Pan Asia Pacific Andrew Hou who told ChannelNews last week that he anticipates supply issues to be “resolved shortly” and that the Company is anticipating a “better” second half.

Hou said that one major initiative in the region the setting up of a separate service Company that will repair products from multiple brands such as Brother, Samsung, as well as other PC brands will not be rolled out in Australia due to the high cost of labour Vs other Asia Pacific regions.

However he did confirm that the new Acer online store which is designed to appeal to the work at home executive will offer an extensive range of consumer B2B, gaming and education products such as their new executive Chromebooks.

and that the Taiwanese Company who is #1 in Education and gaming in Australia is confident that they will get back some of the 10% fall in sales recorded during the past quarter.

He said PC sales in Europe and North America have been robust in the second quarter thanks primarily to the stay-at-home economy, but the growth may be at the expense of demand in the second half.

Acer Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair

In Australia Acer CEO Darren Simmons is confident that he will have supply across both consumer and B2B product ranges in the second half of the year.

Tipped to help Acer along with other PC manufacturers is the decision by Apple to stop using Intel processors.

Last year all PC manufacturers struggled with supply issues due to Intel’s obsession with supplying Apple components for their iPhones and PC’s.

Former Intel principal engineer, François Piednoël who often fronted Intel media conferences including CES and Comdex, claims “The bad quality assurance of Skylake” was responsible for Apple finally making the decision to ditch Intel and focus on its own ARM-based processors for high-performance machines.

Now Apple is undertaking a two-year transition away from Intel for its Mac desktop and notebook lines a move that while hurting Intel will see the big processor Company return to looking after their PC customers such as Acer.

Acer had a double-digit on-year growth in second-quarter revenues in some parts of the Asia Pacific region but not across the entire region, driven mainly by projects for working and studying from home.

Acer’s revenues from Vietnam performed above par due to the country’s effective disease-control measures. Acer’s revenues from Australia Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand also enjoyed year on-year growths in the second quarter.

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