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Acer Declare War On Germs With Antimicrobial Range

At home, work and in between, we all touch screens and keyboards – a lot. Like you are right now. Thousands of microbes attach themselves to the surfaces with every touch. So keeping them clean is increasingly important.

That’s why Acer have announced a range of solutions to expand their antimicrobial product portfolio that stays cleaner for longer without needing covers or having to use constant alcohol wipes.

Set for release Q1 2022, the Acer Enduro Urban N3 14″ laptop is the first rugged antimicrobial device, making it a great fit for tradies and outdoor types thanks to its industrial-grade resistance to dust and water and military-grade durability.

Weighing just 1.85kg, reinforced corners help it handle drops, while the antimicrobial 360 design and glass keeps it clean inside and out.

Antimicrobial capability extends to the chassis, touchpad and buttons thanks to ionic silver coating. Silver ions are highly reactive particles that reduce the growth rate of microbes on contact.

Similarly tough, the 10″ Enduro T3 tablet has antimicrobial solution on almost all touchable surfaces, including screen, cover and buttons.

Featuring an FHD (1920 x 1200) display supporting 10-point touch and 600 nits of brightness, it weighs just 595g and is only 9.92mm thin.

Meanwhile, Acer’s 23.6″ VE246Q monitor isn’t only an enemy of germs, it’s a friend of the planet, with housing and cover glass made from recycled plastic coated with silver-ion antimicrobial agent, which offers 99 per cent reduction rate against many bacteria.

There’s a reason we’ve all been told to wash our hands so much lately. This all helps the cause.

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