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Acer ConceptD 9: Crazy, Creative & Delightful

Revealed at last year’s CES, Acer showed off their latest notebook computer – the Acer ConceptD 9, now available for purchase.

The creative ConceptD 9 will inspire your most creative side whilst also enabling owners a delightful experience, with an ultra-powerful and ultra-flexible Windows PC with a touch screen. It also won the Good Design Award 2019

‘Delivering ultimate creative power, the ConceptD 9 is the ideal laptop for demanding 3D work,’ the Acer website boasts.

The Acer ConceptD 9

‘Its heavyweight processors take care of business, while the 4K UHD display brings professional precision with its 100% Adobe® RGB gamut, PANTONE® Validated color fidelity, and Delta E <1 color accuracy.

The ground-breaking Ezel™ Aero Hinge gives this device unique flexibility to create and collaborate.’

The 17.3-inch notebook-style computer weighs in at 4.5kg, with 40cm width and 33cm deep, making it most definitely designed to be used on a desk instead of on the go. The power supply alone is weighted ay 1.3kg – more than most laptops weigh in total.

The Acer ConceptD 9

But perhaps the most notable design is the touch screen being placed on an easel-like hinge, enabling mobility for the user to bring the screen closer to the user’s face.

The 32GB memory and 1-terabyte solid-state drive and a 9th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor, the ConceptD 9 is reliable and able to take on any task.

Other features including a Wacom digitiser enables users to draw on the screen with an excellent pen, wireless charging, advanced cooling under 40dB, mini-LED Technology, a built-in ethernet port, two USB-C ports, three USB ports, Thunderbolt connectivity, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics processor and one of the faster Intel processors on the market – the Core i9 9980HK.

The Acer ConceptD 9

In other words – the ConceptD 9 is packed full of impressive and superior features, almost everything consumers want in a notebook. It also operates extremely fast without risk of overheating.

The Acer ConceptD 9 is available for purchase online or at their official website for $8,999.

The Acer ConceptD 9

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