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Motorola Releases Video For Fragile Razr Flip Phone

Motorola is starting to flash their new Razr flip smartphone around however local management have deemed that Australian media has to wait for an embargoed press release despite the UK and USA getting their announcements overnight.

ChannelNews has been told that the device which the struggling Chinese smartphone Company is hoping will lift their fortunes in Australia is set to go on sale shortly. Currently Motorola is selling devices into the mid to bottom end of the smartphone market.

In the past Australia was per head of capita the best performing market in the world for the Motorola Razr and at one stage it was the #1 mobile device in Australia.

Despite this past success Motorola is now putting the UK and USA ahead of Australia with the Lenovo owned Company creating a series of ads for the new device which is set to retail for close to $2K in Australia.

The Razr could be the first foldable clamshell smartphone on the market depending on when Samsung will launch their new Flip with carriers and retailers set to range the new Samsung competitor shortly after it is released on February 11th.

The device which has got a lot of attention in the past month now it’s been revealed that the device is not as rugged as a traditional smartphone as a series of Motorola video’s reveal.

So much so that Motorola has been forced to release a “caring for Razr” video, Motorola which stresses the importance of keeping the phone’s 6.2-inch foldable panel out of potential harms like sharp objects and liquids.

The ad also reminds you that the Razr is water repellent and while “bumps and lumps” may appear on the screen they are okay as it’s meant to bend.

Motorola explicitly reminds everyone that screen protectors are a no-go probably due to the adhesives on the protectors which could ruin the screen.

Another piece of education provided by Motorola is to fold the phone in its closed position before putting it in your pocket or bag.

The video also includes short demo of the signature Moto features that were part of the original device including the well-known chop motion for toggling the flashlight, three-finger screenshot gesture and the twist to turn on the camera. The outside display also gets a sneak peek and respond by voice option which seems very convenient.

UK media have also been given access to a video that details the Razr’s camera features which include a portrait mode with stage lighting effects, night vision for low light shots and images that projected on the outside display.

What’s not known is whether any carriers that for several years snubbed Motorola in Australia will carry the device. We will have to wait for the embargoed press release.

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