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ACCC File Cross-Appeal Against Valve

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed a cross-appeal in its on-going legal battle with US video game company Valve corp.

As previously reported by ChannelNews, Valve filed an appeal against the Justice Edelman’s December ruling that would have seen the US company fined for $3 million over the service’s failure to meet the standards of Australian consumer law.

Specifically, they argue Valve provided false or misleading representations about consumers’ rights to obtain a refund for games if they were not of acceptable quality.

The ACCC has today filed a cross-appeal in relation to two of these findings that statements made by Valve to individual consumers were not misleading.

Essentially, they’re appealing the original verdict in order to overturn several of the counts they failed to win a ruling on during the last hearing of the matter.

According to ACCC Chairman Rod Sims, “if a consumer knows their rights and asserts them in making a complaint, the Australian Consumer Law should not allow a business to make misleading claims in the hope of deterring the consumer from claiming a remedy.”

“All goods supplied to consumers come with automatic consumer guarantees that they are of acceptable quality and fit for the purpose for which they were sold, even if the business is based overseas,” he said.

Both Valve’s appeal and the ACCC’s cross-appeal will be heard on a date to be fixed by the Full Federal Court.

Steam is the biggest digital distributor for video games worldwide with over 125 million active users, bringing in $3.5 billion in revenue in 2015.

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