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ABC Cuts 250 Jobs, Set To Decentralise

The ABC has confirmed that it will be cutting up to 250 jobs and reducing programming as it grapples budget cuts of $84 million.

In addition, the ABC will be decentralising its operations, reallocating funding to ensure that the broadcaster reflects the diversity of the community.

As such, 75% of the ABC’s content producers will be based outside of the Ultimo, Sydney headquarters by 2025. “To be more relevant we need the ABC to be in more communities,” said David Anderson, Managing Director of the ABC.

Management has stated that the leasing of this additional spare office space at the ABC’s Ultimo location could also add to savings.

“This is a difficult time for everyone. But the changes we have announced today are necessary to ensure the continuation of the essential services we provide in an increasingly challenging global media market,” Anderson said.

“The changes we make today will strengthen our position for the next five years and beyond.“

The ABC plans to cut its travel budget by up to 25% and spend $5 million less per annum on external TV productions.

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