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Call Tech Support: Tech-Savvy Aussies Fake It

The Newspoll study conducted late last year found that while almost half of 18-34 year olds play the tech support role in the family, a third feign ignorance to get out of helping.

Out of this third, men are more likely to downplay their IT skills than women, with three in every ten men compared with two in every ten women playing dumb.

The same study found that some older Australians are onto the same act. Just over a quarter of 35-49 year olds pretend they lack the tech knowledge to help out computers in crisis.

A study by Australian researchers AMR and customer experience experts Feedback ASAP late last year found that more than half of Australians think customer service has dropped in the last five years, with overseas call centres for services like tech support being a big contributor.

“What is surprising is that many companies continue to use them in the same way despite the resentment and frustration they appear to create,” said Phil Prosser, CEO of customer service management firm, Feedback ASAP, at the time.

Telco iiNet, which commissioned the Newspoll survey, is spruiking its own tech support services that it now lends to residential customers in metropolitan Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

The service takes the up-close and personal approach and comes at a starting price $99 for 60 minutes.

The new in-home service, known as The BoBsquad, helps with explanations of iiNet products and services, WiFi and device set-up and general Internet/Broadband help.

Comparatively, Telstra’s ‘Plus’ premium support starts at $99 over the phone, and starts at $179 for in-home support.