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Multi Room Sound Over Powerlines Next Year In OZ

Multi Room Sound Over Powerlines Next Year In OZBoth NuVo and Russound are using HomePlug and Powerline technology to launch their new systems which deliver audio, intercom and surveillance video throughout the house in a matter of hours without the need for additional cables or hours of installers costs.

Phil Maljevac of LeisureTech told ChannelNews that the product is set to be 240 volt certified for Australia he also said that he anticipates the product being sold via electrical wholesalers and new channels other than the traditional CEDIA channel.
“This product has a lot of potential with electricians and installers across multi dwelling sites and with property developers. We are currently talking to several sub distributors and electrical wholesalers as we believe the Russound offering has enormous potential in Australia” he said

 Like the NuVo system the new Russound system is simply plugged into existing powerlines where a module converts the high-voltage current to low-voltage. Integrators connect the Collage touchpad with the pigtails left by the electrician, and the system is ready to be programmed.

The only wiring needed is between the speakers and the Russound system. According to CEPro the Russound touchpad – including a click wheel and quarter VGA display – includes a 30-watt amp, FM tuner and a CPU that runs the system. No central hub is required.

Sources including iPods, analogue music devices, Web/network-based servers, and CCTV cameras join the network via Collage modules that can plug into any AC outlet in the home.