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Vistra & Qsonix Hook Up For Home Automation

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The Q110 systems come complete with Qsonix’s latest version 2.4 software platform, bundled 15 or 17 inch touch screen controller and models with 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB of internal storage. 
The quiet system features a powerful, non-technical Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides built-in help and access to all system features and functions, easy front access USB and accessory ports, four discrete analog audio outputs for multi-room applications and support for industry standard home automation contol. 
In addition to Qsonix’s Album Browser, the new Version 2.4 software enhancement adds the ability to burn CDs while playing back and importing music from external USB drives. 
The all-new Tapestry play list recommendations features expand personalisation when building unique play lists focused around each user’s music preferences and environments.

Powered by AMG’s Tapestry technology, Qsonix allows quick and easy creation of unlimited play lists by selecting from a vast library of styles, theme and mood based attributes or use the one-button “play similar” Tapestry feature to instantly enjoy similar sounding songs from your library, all based on hand-profiled content by AMG’s expert music staff.
Qsonix uses lossless compression to deliver a bit-for-bit match of the original CD. The Q110 library will manage up to 4,000 CDs in high-quality lossless mode and up to 25,000 CDs in compressed mode.

The Q110 automatically retrieves album art and descriptive data about the user’s CDs from the Internet so that customers can easily organise, manage and control the way they access their music. 

Qsonix Q110 Music Management Systems are shipping now and range from $5,995 to $11,995 depending on storage and touch screen options and are available from specialist AV dealers only.