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Yamaha Go iPhone Crazy With New Product Range

Yamaha PDX-11

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Designed for on the go use, the petit PDX-11 will dock both iPhones and iPods. The iDevices sit on the conventional Apple 30 point pin, charging the product as it feeds music through its robust two-way speakers.

Heavy bass delivered from its 10cm full range cone is complemented by mid-range tone from its dedicated tweeter.

Industrially chic, the PDX-11 fuses function with style, combining a coloured steel grille and a sturdy metal carry handle with four different colours, including white, blue, yellow and black.

Although it can be powered by AC charge, it’ll take six AA batteries for use when you’re out and about.

Simple to use, it even comes with a tiny remote control that taps into your iDevice and adjusts volume, recognises playback commands and powers the system on and off.

Don’t be deterred for those without an iPhone, since it features a generic 3.5 mm (AUX) input round the back, making it compatible with the vast majority of phones, mp3 players and computers.

The PDX-11 will be available come late November at a recommended retail price of $129.

Yamaha PDX-13

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Sitting higher up in the range is its sibling PDX-13, which will also nestle comfortably with iPhones and iPods.

Its specially coated metal chassis is distinguished by a raised finish for a premium look. The front is characterised by an 8 centimetre full range driver and a digital clock display.

The PDX-13 is a throwback to classic radio systems, the kind you envision everyone gathered around during the King’s declaration of war against Germany. Back then the radio stood for more than a musical hub; it was a houses hearth, where the whole family would gather around it.

Fast forward to the age where the TV is snuggling with the internet and that character has been lost. But in the PDX-13, it’s retained through a traditional design, in part to its old-school volume knob.

The traditional looks are the only thing inherited though since it integrates with Apple’s modern iPhone and iPod. Functionality is upped from the PDX-11, with the addition of an alarm which gently fades into music when waking you up.

Available in green, beige and dark red, the PDX-13 will be around in November at RRP$149.

Yamaha TSX-112

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Sitting well at the top of the range is the TSX-112 with its CD player, radio (DAB, DAB+ and FM), USB capabilities and a 3.5mm (AUX) input.

Similarly to the PDX-13, the TSX-112 features a retro look, but its throwback complexion is one of the 80s, where afros and oversized Nike shoes ruled the sidewalks.

That said it’s not a bad looking device, with its digital clock display contrasting with its pleasantly simple metal front panel, framed by its two drivers. Combined with its wooded cabinet the design minimises vibrations to produce pure sound.

The alarm can be set to awaken with tones on your iPod, iPhone, CD and radio, with the option of nominating a predefined song. Also don’t fear, if it starts ringing in the morning, you can simply reach out to the included remote control and silence it.

Coming to stores in late October, the TSX-112 will retail for $449.