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Ashley Hacker May Be Aussie

Ashley Hacker May Be Aussie

US security researcher Brian Krebs claims to be onto the trail of the hacker, who he says self-identifies online as Thadeus Zu, and could possibly be Australian.

Krebs said he has found repeated references to AC/DC and the song Thunderstruck in the Twitter feed of Thadeus Zu, who appears to have intimate knowledge of the hack.

According to Krebs, the purported hacker makes constant references to his/her “Oz girl”, uses the greeting “cheers” – which Krebs seems to think is typically Ocker – and talks about people visiting him/her in Australia.

Meanwhile it’s been established that the millions of men who joined the Ashley Madison site seeking illicit sex in fact had almost zero chance of scoring.

Gizmodo journalist Annalee Newlitz analysed the database and found that only 1492 women on the database had ever checked their messages on the site, compared with more than 20 million men. Newlitz’s conclusion: “The overwhelming majority of men using Ashley Madison weren’t having affairs. They were paying for a fantasy.”