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Nordost Sets New Standards For 4K UHD HDMI Cables

Nordost Sets New Standards For 4K UHD HDMI Cables

The standard setting Valhalla 2 and Heimdall 2 4K UHD cables
are poised to launch in Australia in November.


National distributor, Warren Stolmack CEO of Stolmack Audio,
told 4Square Media both cables are the only future proofed  4K UHD cables in the global market.


”In terms of audio video standards, Nordost’s rivals’ HDMI cables
are said to have kept pace with the constantly improving High Definition standards.
But in reality they simply don’t reach the bandwidth between 10.2GHz and 18GHz required
from certified ultra high definition cables”, he said.


”Our two new Nordost HDMI cables are ground breaking,
standard setting models and the first in the industry to allow owners of 4K UHD
TVS to enjoy the high frame rates and Deep colours that will soon be a feature
of all quality 4K components.”


Nordost’s design specifications for the new cables targets a
performance maximizing high speed digital signaling while simultaneously
erasing distortions including jitter, crosstalk and timing errors.


Nordost says its use of patented electronics used in the
design and manufacturing stages, the new HDMI cables are guaranteed to achieve
exemplary results in lengths up to 15 metres.


The company’s President, Joe Reynolds says both cables
surpass the highest standards set out be DPL Labs.


”We were the first company to build and design HDMI cables
in America. We continue to work with DPL Labs, the company that wrote a bible
on HDMI standards,  to make bulletproof
4K HDMI cables.”


The Heimdall 2 and Valhalla 2 4K UHD cables are hand made in
America and carry a reassuringly expensive price tag.


The Heimdall 2 sells in the US at $600 for a one metre
length, $800 for two metres and $1000 for three metres. The Valhalla 2 has an
RRP of $3000 for one metre, $4000 for two metres and $5000 for three metres.


Stolmack Audio told 4Square Media that value of the dollar
aside, Nordost cable prices tend to keep parity with the USA.


For more info: stolmackaudio.com.au