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EXCLUSIVE:Gerry Harvey Gives Disgraced Kleenmaid Director A Job

EXCLUSIVE:Gerry Harvey Gives Disgraced Kleenmaid Director A Job

Andrew Young, who is facing 20 criminal charges in Queensland following the $100M collapse of the Queensland based Kleenmaid business is now running a new business called Family Fresh Foods.

has also been linked with another NSW based appliance business called Fulgor Milano in Willoughby NSW.

The business sells Italian appliances. 

According to sources close to Andrew Young the disgraced director has travelled to Europe and China recently, “looking at how to best grow vegetables hydroponically”.

The business Agrifresh NSW Pty Limited was placed into administration in February 2015.

Shortly afterwards Gerry Harvey acquired the assets of the business which was renamed Family Fresh Foods, he then got Andrew Young to take over the running of the business” despite him having very little knowledge about agriculture” said one source. 

According to the source, Young who is facing 7-10 years in jail if convicted on the fraud charges, has already started to “throw his weight” around in the new business much to the dislike of the staff at the Peats Ridge business.
A person close to Young said “Why Gerry Harvey would give this guy a job running a business is beyond logic. Young has been big noting himself with staff. When Gerry Harvey was confronted by the appointment he said that he had known Andrew Young for several years and that he was pretty smart”. 

The source who does not want to be named said “This is a person who is facing a lengthy jail term if convicted. He is currently living above an appliance shop he is involved in running in NSW, one has to seriously question where all the money has come from that the family of Andrew Young has been able to invest in new businesses”.

They added “Brad Young his brother who is also facing criminal charges is involved in the running of two shoe shops, one in Chatswood NSW, and the other in Long Beach California, they would have had to have access to spare cash or investors who don’t care about their backgrounds to fund these businesses”. 

 This week three former directors of the Queensland based Kleenmaid Group were set to stand trial on  20 criminal charges, including a $13 million fraud against Westpac following the collapse of Kleenmaid.

At the time Kleenmaid operated 22 stores (including 15 franchise stores), and employed over 200 staff, more than 10,000 people were left with debts as a result of the collapse.

6000 Kleenmaid customers lost over $28.5 million alone, among them were hundreds who had purchased faulty products and when they went to claim on their warranty found that the warranty claims were worthless.

Police charged the directors Bradley Young, Andrew Young and Gary Armstrong with 18 charges of insolvent trading.

Neither Andrew Young or Gerry Harvey have commented for this story.