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LG Display Focusing On Next-Gen OLED Tech

LG Display Focusing On Next-Gen OLED TechReuters has reported LG plans to put at least 10 trillion won (around $11.46 billion) primarily into OLED displays for large products like televisions, along with flexible displays for smartphones and wearables, through to 2018.

As part of its efforts, LG will seek to expand OLED applications to signage and automobiles, along with allocating some spending to premium LCD products, Reuters reported.

LG had announced in July that it would invest 1.05 trillion won in a 6th generation flexible OLED display production line, stating at the time that it was “part of its efforts to lead the flexible OLED display market”.

“LG Display aims to lead the flexible OLED market by offering customers differentiated value, with the accumulated technology skills from large-size OLED display production applied to flexible OLED displays,” LG stated upon announcement of the investment, with the new line scheduled to start production in the first half of 2017.

LG noted at the time that IHS DisplaySearch expects the flexible OLED display market to grow from US$3.5 billion in sales in 2015 to US$4.8 billion by 2021.