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REVIEW: Aldi Does It Again With A Serious Wireless Multi Room Speaker Offering

REVIEW: Aldi Does It Again With A Serious Wireless Multi Room Speaker Offering

This is no more evident than in the new multi room wireless audio market where Sonos is a clear leader.
And when Aldi get in on the act, you know that suddenly there is mass demand.

In the multiroom audio market we have seen an explosion of new products and some are simply downright crap.
The sound is dreadful and the software appears to have been done by a kid in a backroom with little idea as to the needs of consumers whose life revolves around smartphones and tablets. 

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Last week we got our hands on the new Bauhn multi room, wireless sound range which went on sale this week at Aldi stores. 

The range consists of three speakers that range in price from $99 through to $199. The midrange model is $149 which makes the entire acquisition cheaper than the new Sonos Play 5 speaker. 

The top end SoundMax 5 speaker has an Integrated Class-D Digital Amplifier, Speaker Output(RMS):2 x 20 watts.
Supported Streaming Services: iHeart Radio, Spotify, Airplay.

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: V4.0
Line-in Output: Yes, 3.5mm
USB Output:5V DC, 1A (Charging Only)
Power Supply: DC 18V/2A
The small $99 speaker delivers 10 watts of output.

So how good is it.
Design and material wise the new Bauhn speakers are as good as any Bose, Sony or any other top end wireless speaker. The base is a beautiful grey ash timber, and like most quality sound systems, the speakers are surrounded by black cloth.

The top of the speaker is machined brushed aluminium and this really sets these speakers apart. They look extremely smart and the control buttons across the top are easy to access and manage.

On the top is the Wi Fi access button, volume up and down, a play pause button and an indicator light.

On the back of the speaker is a line in jack for connecting a source for content, a USB slot for stored content and a reset button along with the power cord connector.
To get going with this device all you have to do is download the SoundMax App from the Google Play store, the speakers are also compatible with iOS and Airplay as well as Bluetooth.

Owners also get free access to Spotify Premium.

Once the software is downloaded users can start managing the delivery of content to either single devices or the entire network of speakers. 

All you have to do is open the Sound Max app, select add device and pair with a Bauhn network speaker.  Along the way you will have to input the password for the wireless network you are accessing after pressing the left button on the control panel, make sure you have a blue flashing light active. 
The first test we did was to attach a line in device and play music from Google Music. The quality of the sound was as good as some top end speakers and equally as good as output from a significantly higher priced speaker from LG who brag about their 24bit sound capability. 

The LG HZ Hi Fi Wireless speaker sells for $549 in Australia, the similar sized Bauhn Sound Max 5 speaker sells for $199 and while there is a massive difference in price there is not a massive difference in sound output when connected to the same source. 

One of the big benefits of the new Aldi Bauhn offering is that one can easily set up a speaker in different rooms and then play music to a single device or all three devices. 

This is one of the best value for money deals that we have seen this year. This is a budget value range of multi room network speakers. They look and feel as good as some of the most expensive speakers out there.
I highly recommend that you buy all three speakers, they will only cost you sub $500 which is cheaper than most other top end single speakers.

In the hand these speakers feel sold and are made from high quality materials, what we do know is that they are coming out of the same factory as some really top end speaker brands which is why the quality is so good.