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It’s LG Vs Samsung Round Two As New Lot Of Dirty Washing Emerges Overnight


Yesterday we revealed that senior LG Electronics executive 58-year-old, Jo Seong-jin, has been accused of having had a hand in deliberately destroying several Samsung washing machines in a Berlin shopping mall 24 hours ahead of the IFA trade show. 

The case resulted in the LG executive being charged.

Now LG has moved to the Court of public opinion with the uploading of a video rebutting Samsung’s assertion that it was Jo Seong-jin, who had deliberately destroyed several Samsung washing machines.

The nine-minute-long Korean-language video, boasting the defiant title “I Am Jo Seong-jin of LG Electronics,” employs slow-motion CCTV replays, laboratory re-enactments and footage of children abusing washing machine door hinges to make its case: namely, that Samsung itself is to blame for its broken “Crystal Blue” washing machines, which retail for over $3,000.
The Korean video can be seen here.

It appears that Samsung started the video war back in 2012 over who had the biggest and best washing machine.

Back then Samsung threw down the gauntlet first with a video entitled “The Inconvenient Truth About Refrigerator Capacity,” which claimed to show that its 857-liter fridge could actually store more than LG’s 870-liter fridge, suggesting that LG was being sneaky in how it counted literage.

The video infuriated LG, which ordered up its own response video – and then sued Samsung for defamation.

Samsung then released a sequel, “The Inconvenient Truth About Refrigerator Capacity 2,” featuring an actor in a blue hazmat suit-Samsung’s corporate colour-performing a celebratory horse dance, in a nod to Psy’s viral hit “Gangnam Style,” after a pin-striped referee awards him the victory.

The two eventually settled the dispute out of court.

Now the video fight is back on.

The original videos have disappeared from YouTube, though the three videos can be seen here on another web site. 

In LG’s newest video, which racked up 60,000 views in its first four hours on YouTube, there’s plenty of dramatic music and slow motion clips from the Berlin-area shopping centre where the vandalism allegedly occurred. Even those without a grasp of the Korean language can catch the gist of the argument.

In essence, LG argues that while Mr. Jo indeed opened and closed the Crystal Blue washing machine door several times, he couldn’t possibly have broken the door with just a few flicks of the wrist. Samsung promoters were hovering around the LG executives the whole time, the video asserts, yet none of those promoters intervened or even seemed to notice any signs of misconduct, LG says.

LG’s damning conclusion: Samsung must have doctored the evidence it submitted to prosecutors to smear LG.