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Tablet Sales Tank Apple Hit The Hardest

Tablet Sales Tank Apple Hit The Hardest

In 2015 sales are expected to continue to fall by an
estimated 12% with Apple being the hardest hit.

Global tablet shipments are expected to reach 52.15 million
in the quarter, with Apple and white-box units all expected to see over 20%

Apple is likely to see the heaviest declines for its iPad
and iPad mini-series due to influences from large-size smartphones. Shipments
of iPad devices will reach only 13.1 million units in first-quarter 2015,
decreasing 40% sequentially, said Digitimes Research.

Shipments from white-box tablet makers meanwhile are likely
to sink 26.6% sequentially to 18.5 million units in the first quarter as most
makers are phasing out of the low-end segment, while shipments of new
Windows-based tablets are still limited.

Digitimes Research recently said that Samsung is the most
conservative about the prospects of tablets in the first quarter, expecting to
roll out a limited number of modified versions of its entry-level to mid-range
models for the quarter.

Lenovo is moving to ramp up its shipments in order to boost
its performance for the last quarter of its fiscal year (2014/2015).

Many supply chains have stated they will discontinue or
heavily decrease production of entry-level and white-box tablets as the niche
is now being taken over by lower-priced brand-name products. Tablet makers are
also eyeing 2-in-1 opportunities and are integrating touch panel and display
solutions to lower costs.

Global tablet shipments are estimated to drop 11.8% on year
to reach 244 million units in 2015 as demand for high-end and entry-level
tablets have both become saturated, while large-size smartphones and
inexpensive notebooks gradually absorbing demand, added Digitimes Research.