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With Navman Road Guidance, Driving is Stress Free

With Navman Road Guidance, Driving is Stress Free

On a recent trip there one thing stood out! Tassie is majestically scenic, but this comes at the cost of driving through vast stretches of sparsely populated countryside between towns.

In other words, no one within cooee to help you with directions.

Navman’s MY650LMMT will get you to your destination charting a route on roads leading to the most obscure of the Apple Isle’s hamlets and boroughs.
Moreover, this feature laden sat-nav makes driving a stress free pleasure rather than a challenging chore. Navigate those winding roads with Premium Driver Alerts that warn you of merging lanes, overtaking lines, high wind areas, steep inclines or winding roads.

The same clear, unerring directions hold even better for cities. In fact in town or country it’s hard to think of a sat-nav feature that could be as stress-free or more useful than Navman’s Landmark Guidance Plus feature.

Landmark Guidance Plus takes map display and route guidance and directions to a whole new level. Navman’s rivals largely use voice guidance to alert you when for example, to turn left, right or continue straight ahead.

Navman adds visual cues to its voice guided directions by basing its spoken directions on what you’re seeing as you look through your windscreen at features in the terrain or by the roadside, these include the landmarks such as petrol stations, churches and schools, colours and brand names of buildings you’ll encounter on your route. Much smarter and safer than any smartphone guidance can offer.

Wendy Hammond, Navman’s Country Director for Australia is justifiably proud of this advanced and frustration reducing feature.

The latest version of the feature on the MY650LMMT will now display business and brand logos on the map screen, eliminating doubt, making directions even clearer and easier to follow. 3D landmarks are also presented on the MY650LMMT mapping screen giving you a better indication of where you should be heading in built up city areas,” she says.

We’re all going to love this feature. But we’ll also love Navman’s safety and guidance features including Spoken Safety Alerts that give you warnings of Speed and Red Light Cameras, Combined Cameras and School zones, helping you avoid fines. 3D junction views give you 3D Images of intersections and off ramps with arrows to guide you safely and enjoyably, where you need to go.

With Free lifetime monthly map updates, live traffic updates, Bluetooth Handsfree and the new Zomato restaurant Guide (Urbanspoon) all part of the latest MY650LMMT, guidance has never been so good.