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Uniden-The Intelligent Way To Safeguard Your Home

Uniden-The Intelligent Way To Safeguard Your Home

The repair bill to replace the passenger window on our late model two-door European hatchback came to several hundred dollars. We’re still finding shards of glass a week after the attack.

With three cars in the driveway and the thief still active in the area, news of Uniden’s extension to its sought after Guardian series of Do It Yourself Home Surveillance products was a timely happenstance.

Uniden, a giant in the smart electronics field says its new app-enabled Smart Home Control range hones in on consumers who have a need to secure the inside and outside of their home quickly and without any convoluted installation process.

Just the ticket to peace of mind for our place.

As for our bucket list, all of the three new Home Control Kits ticked all the boxes. We must have a wireless option and the new series has a long-range wireless solution with High Definition pan and tilt cameras to capture undistorted, detailed footage.

The three new kits are available as Deluxe, Outdoor and Indoor, and Starter options. But here’s the thing: both operate flawlessly out of the box and just about anyone can set them up over a cup of coffee.

Uniden’s Smart Home Control Series is feature packed and offers magnetic sensors for doors and windows and indoor sirens that are compatible with the brand’s current range of AppCam indoor and weatherproof outdoor cameras. Practical inclusions are passive infrared  (PIR) motion sensors to pick up movements in camera blind spots like backdoors and driveways.

Control is via a gateway hub that sends and receives sensor, siren and camera signals. One button via the key remote control arms and disarms the home and get the cambers recording.

The system is future proof and can be expanded with more sensors, cameras and sirens. Enormous flexibility is built in thanks to Uniden’s Guardian Home app for Android and iOS devices used with the Smart Home Control range. This allows you to log in and view footage adjust cameras and even set off sirens.

The Deluxe Kit (GSHC5000) costs $699.95, the Outdoor and Indoor kit retails at $599.95 while the Starter Kit (GSHC1000) is $399.95. Either is a no brainer for us.

For more info: www.uniden.com.au