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New App Provides For Mobile Connection Speed Tests

New App Provides For Mobile Connection Speed TestsThe ads-free Traffic Monitor+ & 3G/4G Speed app, available for download via the Google Play store, contains a range of functionality, allowing Android users to test the quality of their network provider and optimise their smartphone usage by showing the best signal spots on a map.

The app’s speed test feature breaks results down into upload, download and ping speed, while its NetMonitor module displays network availability on a map relative to the user’s current position, identifying the best signal spots, as well as comparing the user’s current provider coverage against others for the area.

The app additionally allows users to keep track of their voice, SMS and data usage by setting maximum usage allowances.

Number and duration of calls and SMS can be monitored, while users can also see predicted usage based on this data. Users can set a specified period of time and maximum data allowances, with warnings sent so as to prevent limits being exceeded.

Detecting when a device is on a foreign network, Traffic Monitor displays dedicated roaming counters, allowing users to keep track of their usage abroad.

The app’s Task Manager additionally allows users to view all running apps and determine which apps are consuming too many resources in managing and optimising memory consumption.

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