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Panasonic Expands B2B Offering With 20″ Tough Tablet

Panasonic Expands B2B Offering With 20" Tough Tablet

One of the standout products is a 20″ 4K display tablet , it also delivers facial recognition and mobile surveillance security capability.

Also revealed is a 4K robotic camera; a high-visibility, video wall; and a scalable optical disc library system designed for mass storage applications.

Among the Toughbook range are two new business-ready fully toughened handheld tablets which are proving popular with couriers and people working outside and in manufacturing zones.  

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The new 5″ Toughpads – the Windows FZ-E1 and the Android FZ-X1 – can be used in heavy gloves, in the rain or in direct sunlight to fulfill a wide range of applications across transport and logistics, retail and hospitality claim Panasonic. 

the Toughpad FZ-Y1, which in addition to extreme durability also offers top-of-the-line specifications. The Toughpad FZ-Y1 is $2,499.

The company says that the tablet can withstand drop from up to 76 centimetres in height. The device can work under extreme temperatures – from -29 to 60 degrees Celsius.

The new 4K tablet has a magnesium alloy frame enclosed in a reinforced glass fibre case.

Panasonic will introduce a new High Definition Visual Communications (HDVC) System, which is described as a platform for multi-site, enterprise-grade video conferencing. 

The system delivers video in 1080p at 60 frames per second to ensure smooth, crystal clear audio and video even under challenging bandwidth conditions. 

Panasonic also revealed a mobile in-vehicle surveillance solution designed to integrate into existing infrastructure to protect property and improve safety for public and private transportation.

The solution includes a vibration-resistant recorder which can capture data from up to eight on-board security cameras and uses Wi-Fi to upload recordings periodically to an organisation’s central servers for storage.  It also permits live streaming from a vehicle via 3G or 4G, back to a station or central monitoring hub.  

Facial Recognition Analytics Platform 

Panasonic’s facial recognition analytics platform provides face matching, face searching, people counting, and age and gender statistics capabilities for video surveillance systems. It can be used for surveillance to make areas safer and for retail and marketing applications. 

The PC-based platform supports up to 20 face matching cameras per server, matching 1,000 faces a second, and taking only three seconds to search for a person from five million faces. It also has the ability to set flexible alarm triggers on matched faces. Analysis capabilities also include counting the number of detected faces and evaluating their age and gender, with the results displayed on the screen as a statistical graph. 

P2 Cast cloud-based news production system trial.  

Panasonic will be inviting broadcasters to trial its P2 Cast cloud-based news production system in Australia, and expects to commence the trials in early 2016. 
P2 Cast leverages the network features of the company’s next-generation P2 HD camcorders with AVC-ULTRA recording – the AJ-PX5000G, AJ-PX800 and AJ-PX270 – so content uploaded to the cloud is immediately available for reviewing and editing. Footage can quickly and reliably be sent from the field to be prepared for broadcast, so breaking news can immediately be delivered to viewers. 
Industry’s first professional 4K integrated PTZ camera  

The AW-UE70 is the professional video industry’s first integrated 4K pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera. The AW-UE70 delivers 3840 x 2160 resolution images at 29.97p/25p via HDMI, and is also capable of 4K IP streaming and in-camera 4K recording. 

The AW-UE70 offers crisp 4K footage and precise control for applications including remote studio use, auditoriums and stadiums, lecture and conference rooms, videoconferencing and collaboration, events and reality show production. Panasonic will also release the AWSF100G ‘Auto Tracking’ software to enhance the capabilities of PTZ cameras. For example, a robotic camera can use this software to automatically lock on to a lecturer who is walking back and forth, and follow them so they are always in frame. 
High-visibility video wall   

The new TH-55LVF70 55-inch LED video wall display offers high impact, high reliability and installation flexibility that has been described as ideal for car dealerships or boutique clothing stores. 

The video wall has a bezel that is only 3.5mm wide at each join, for a seamless appearance and the panels can be mounted in landscape or portrait mode to suit the application. Panasonic video walls are also straightforward to install, saving on labour and time. The panels are shipped with colour pre-calibrated so there is no adjustment necessary during installation and the modular mount uses magnets to ensure all panels are perfectly aligned.