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LG’s Microwaves Get The Porcelain Treatment


This EasyClean technology was previously offered only in the LG’s gas and electric oven ranges.The technology is designed to make clean-up simple, using just a damp cloth, with no use of chemicals or need for scrubbing.

LG says the key to this capability is the porcelain enamel coating on the interior of the appliance, which is designed to resist most stains, and to allow spills and splatters to come clean with a wipe.

Two of the microwaves with the EasyClean technology (Models LMH2235 and LMHM2237) incorporate the company’s ExtendaVent 2.0, providing more powerful ventilation and extending to cover more of cooktop. 

Currently, there is not a set date for the launch of these microwaves in this country, according to representatives from  LG here in Australia.