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Samsung’s POWERbot Has Real Suction


Called the POWERbot SR20H9050U, Samsung says the added benefit of more suction takes robotic cleaning to the next level. With its futuristic design and clear dust chamber, you can see how many dirt particles have been collected and come home to clean floors every day.

“The POWERbot is the start of a new generation of Samsung robotic vacuum cleaners and is the result Samsung’s relentless pursuit to evolve the cleaning market,” says Mike Lilly, head of home appliances, Samsung Electronics Australia. 

“We have had success in the market with our previous robotic cleaner range, the NaviBot, so we’re looking forward to launching the POWERbot with suction capabilities, enhanced navigation and smart features such as Point Cleaning,” he adds.

The POWERbot has a three stage system for its cleaning. Firstly, is the smart Digital Inverter Technology which creates suction power for dirt removal.  Second is the fact the larger drum brush covers a wide area to help deliver a cleaner floor and it has no side brushes so it won’t get caught in carpet tangles. 

Third, is the CycloneForce technology which generates a strong rotating force to circulate particles through the inner chamber, providing an excellent environment for removing dust. 

The high-performance FullView Sensor feature helps recognise the surroundings in the house. With a suite of sensors, the POWERbot locates those narrow and small obstacles minismising blind spots, navigating 

safely around an entire room. 

In addition, the POWERbot features large Easy Pass wheels on the side to help get around those tricky spots in the house. 

The Point Cleaning function gives you the power to control the POWERbot and focus on dirtier areas throughout the house. With light beam technology, the POWERbot follows the light emitted off the remote control, cleaning the area being pointed at. This added feature aims to create a hassle free cleaning experience. 

The POWERbot also has a Cliff Sensor so it detects edges of steps and other steep areas to steer it away from potential falls. With a simple push of a button, you can set up a virtual fence that the POWERbot cannot cross. 

Plus Visionary Mapping Plus means the vacuum can capture 15 image frames per second with its onboard camera, creating a map of the home. When the POWERbot has recharged, it can automatically direct itself back to the last location and resume cleaning.

The POWERbot is available at all major retailers with an RRP of $1,499.