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New Beats Headphones $144 More Expensive In OZ Apple Stores Than US

New Beats Headphones $144 More Expensive In OZ Apple Stores Than US

The new on-ear headphones are now available to purchase in Australia for $399.95 from Apple stores, the same headphone is selling in the USA at the offical Apple store for $199 (A$255). 

“We’re taking one of the most popular headphones in the world and adding wireless Bluetooth functionality to it,” said Beats President Luke Wood. 

Apple said that the Solo2 Wireless offers the same dynamic sound and streamlined design as Solo2, but with the added benefit of wireless capabilities. 

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With its Bluetooth technology, Solo2 Wireless has a reach of to 9 metres from any bluetooth audio device. 

Trusted Reviews in the UK who have already reviewed the new Beats offering wrote “The Beats Solo 2 Wireless are a patchwork of good and bad. As exercise headphones they’re excellent, offering pretty terrific wireless performance and a very savvy implementation of wireless control. As long as you don’t mind a tighter fit and don’t wear glasses, they’re fairly comfortable too. 

However, if sound quality is the top concern, you can do a lot better at the price. Drop wireless and you’re in serious headphone land, populated by sets that would laugh at the Beats Solo 2 Wireless’s chops. 

If wireless is a must, there are just too many other lower-price options out there that perform at a similar level. The Philips M2BT and Bose AE2W are almost ?100 less, and while neither is a sound quality god, we find their sound quality issues much easier to live with at the price. 

Grippy design and fuss-free wireless are great for exercise use, but sound should be better at the price.

The UK price was 40% cheaper than Australia. 

The new headphones are available in red, black, white and blue.

A pair of headphones that are on par with the Beats offering is the House of Marley Liberate XLBT headphones. These are Bluetooth and only cost $249. A top seller at JB Hi Fi 

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They sound great as they look. It’s very solid and well-defined, and they are sure to catch the eyes and ears of those who venture to look and listen. 

These headphones have a range of 9 metres before the connection starts to drop. While in range, the audio stays free from skips and pauses.

With so many all-plastic audio options the Marley offering is made from natural materials. 

The sound is rich, clear, and very consistent. The balance is quite good too, so you can enjoy a wide range of music genres without the bass delivering in excess. For the price point, the Liberate XLBT headphones are solid performers that you can’t go wrong with, they as good as the Beats offering according to several reviewers and they cost $150 less than the Beats Solo 2.