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6,000 JB Hi Fi Staff Given New Work Options

6,000 JB Hi Fi Staff Given New Work Options

Designed to introduce more flexibility into their human resource operations the relationship will result in their 6000 employees being given new options when it comes to negotiating salaries and incentives. 

FWO claims that JB Hi Fi has made workplace compliance a high priority by signing a three-year Proactive Compliance Deed (PCD) with the Fair Work Ombudsman.
JB HI-FI, which has a 6000-strong workforce throughout Australia, first participated in the Fair Work Ombudsman’s former National Employer Program in 2010-11. 

Acting Fair Work Ombudsman Michael Campbell commended the company for signing up to a PCD, saying the Deeds facilitate better communication between employers and employees, as well as strengthening the relationship with his Agency. 

As part of the Deed, JB HI-FI will: 

. Undertake an extensive review of its current systems and processes, with a particular focus on policies and procedures for part-time workers, 
. Self-audit employment records to ensure employees are receiving their full entitlements. These audits will look at wages, loadings, allowances and penalty rates across all employment types, 

. Nominate a dedicated staff member to deal with requests for assistance from its staff which are referred by the Fair Work Ombudsman, and 
. Introduce workplace relations training for managers and ensure all employees are aware of their rights and entitlements.
A full report will be provided to the Fair Work Ombudsman at yearly intervals until the conclusion of the Deed, highlighting the number of requests for assistance received and resolved, the average time taken to resolve the issues and their outcomes. 

Mr Campbell says the Agency is working hard to build a culture of compliance with workplace laws in Australia with the objective of supporting compliant, productive and inclusive workplaces.

Other national companies to have signed PCDs include McDonalds, Domino’s, Red Rooster, Spotless, Bread Top, Asset Industries, Hays Specialist Recruitment, Australian Fast Foods, United Trolley Collections and Retail Zoo. 

The Good Guys, Harvey Norman and Dick Smith are not saying whether will follow JB Hi Fi in giving their employees alternate options.