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Big Sports Fashion Brand Under Armour, Choose HTC Over Samsung For New Grip Fitness Tracker

Big Sports Fashion Brand Under Armour, Choose HTC Over Samsung For New Grip Fitness Tracker

The talks with Samsung in in July came about shortly after Apple announced a deal with Nike that will see the two Companies further develop the Nike Fuel band.  

HTC who revealed the new Grip at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona said that the new device is a “powerful, accurate tracking device across a range of sports and activities, allowing athletes to set personal goals, then smash them”.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as Bluetooth-enabled accessories like heart-rate monitors, Grip extends its functionality, providing additional performance data to the Under Armour Connected Fitness platform said HTC.

At this stage it is not known whether sports fashion retailers in Australia such as Rebel will range the new HTC Grip.

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It is also not known why the Company did not pursue a relationship with Samsung.

Drew Bamford, Corporate Vice President of HTC Creative Labs said “Our partnership with Under Armour has allowed us to direct our combined ambition, talent and passion towards developing new ways to empower athletes to make the most of their training every day. Grip is our first product to offer deep integration with UA Record, providing an experience that will surpass the high standards of even professional athletes.”

Robin Thurston, SVP, Connected Fitness, Under Armour said, “HTC is an exciting partner   for Under Armour and Grip, designed by HTC and powered exclusively by UA Record, is just a taste of what’s to come in the next year. Together we’re looking forward to exploring new ways to empower and inspire athletes of all levels and to rewrite the rulebook of   performance tracking, training and improvement.”

Uncompromising design, peak performance

Grip is designed to comfortably support even the most extreme training regimes. The contoured, waterproof band conforms to a wrist without pinching your skin or catching on clothing during workouts. The curved PMOLED display also makes it easy to read time, distance and notifications on the move. The new device is available in three sizes.

Capable of tracking and recording a variety of workouts (from running and cycling to time spent at the gym), Grip is also waterproof, making it perfect for tracking every step, from the gym to the shower and beyond. 

Its 100mAh battery lasts up to five hours when the integrated GPS is turned on, enabling Grip to accurately capture route, distance, pace and calories burned, all of which sync with UA Record in real time. 

Grip also connects to an assortment of external heart rate monitors, including the Under Armour A39, making it ideal for athletes wanting to track their heart rate. For everyday usage, Grip lasts up to 2.5 days on a single charge, ideal for tracking daily activity.

Professional trainers will agree that sleep is crucial to the success of any serious training program and Grip’s auto sleep detection records the total amount of time spent asleep. Periods of deep and light sleep are also recorded with a view to helping you develop sleep patterns that will help athletes unlock peak fitness and performance.

Stay connected, stay focused

Even in the midst of the most punishing workout, nobody wants to feel out of touch. When connected to an Android or iOS smartphone, a simple glance at your wrist allows you to see incoming call and message notifications, without missing a step or interrupting your flow. A clear, 1.8 inch PMOLED display shows your latest real-time stats and provides an easy way to remotely control your music playlist from your wrist.

The HTC Grip has also been designed to seamlessly synchronize performance data with Under Armour’s UA Record, allowing users to access powerful analytics that show the impact of their training.

The HTC Grip will be available in Deep Teal/Lime at select retailers in Australia late in 2015.