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Cambridge Audio Release TV Sound Base In OZ

Cambridge Audio Release TV Sound Base In OZ

The TV5 and TV2 Stereo TV bases The 100-watt devices can be placed directly under a TV or on a TV-rack shelf. They feature Toslink optical input to connect to a TV and analog RCA and analog 3.5mm inputs to connect other audio devices.

The TV retails for $399 and the TV 5 for $649 via specialist dealers in Australia. 

The TV5 features two built-in 6.5-inch down-firing active subs, and the TV2 features one. The subs complement two 2.25-inch front-firing Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers said to deliver a wide soundfield and high vocal clarity. Digital signal processing (DSP) is said to deliver “louder, crisper and fuller sound” compared to other slim-line one-box under-TV speakers. 

DSP also delivers four separate modes for voice, TV, music and film. Each mode adjusts EQ. The voice mode is said to bring extra clarity to dialog, of particular interest to the hard of hearing. Other features include ability to remember eight different Bluetooth devices.

 IR learning enables the bases to learn a TV or cable remote’s volume commands so speaker-base volume can be adjusted without having to use a separate dedicated remote. Audio sensing technology automatically turns the bases on when a TV or audio source is turned on. The bases automatically turn off after several seconds if no sound is playing. 
Cambridge does not offer soundbars.