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LG Launches Three Stunning New Monitors In OZ

LG Launches Three Stunning New Monitors In OZ

Last night LG launched its latest monitor and projector range at BMW’s North Shore showroom in Chatswood and is offering some truly standout new monitors. 

The first is a truly dazzling 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor, the LG 34UC97, which officially measures in at 34-inches, although as a curved monitor it doesn’t look like a standard monitor but very wide and very futuristic. 

Click to enlarge – Ultrawide Cuved 21:9 Monitor from LG

Retailing at $1799, it is designed for professional users needing plenty of windows open and lots of screen real estate, as well as home entertainment enthusiasts, the curved screen delivers an immersive experience nicely aided by the fact it has a Quad HD resolution of 3440 x 1440. 

Not only does it look good, it sounds good, too, with “MaxxAudio” technology within. This is a suite of audio enhancement tools that provide you with clearer highs, enhanced bass and increased volume for a better listening experience. 

Couple this with the monitor’s two 7W internal speakers help to create enhanced sound, and you can enjoy movies or music without the need for extra speakers.

Second is LG’s crystal clear 31-inch Digital Cinema 4K Monitor, the 31MU97. With a resolution four times that of Full HD at 4096 x 2160, LG isn’t joking when they say it will “allow you to experience 4K content in a way never before seen.” 

Click to enlarge
LG’s stunning Ultra HD 4K 31-inch monitor.

This visually outstanding monitor can be enjoyed by all, as it adds an immense quality to your desktop experience, but at the $2499 price, the individuals who are truly going to be blown away by this screen are the likes of film professionals, or those working in design and photography.

Finally, there is LG’s new 24-inch dedicated Gaming Monitor, the 24GM77. 

Specifically designed for gamers in mind, with first-person shooter games a particular focus, this monitor has been created to ensure that even intense action appears on the screen in real time, allowing you to react much faster to what’s happening on screen. 

It has a sub 1ms response time, a motion-blur minimising MOTION240 mode, a Black Stabiliser which gives gamers better visibility during darker scenes by sensing the darkest areas of the image and brightening them, making it easier to identify enemies lurking in the dark. 

Click to enlarge
LG’s ultra responsive new gaming monitor prepares for battle in the marketplace.

There’s also the Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) mode which gets rid of frame rendering delays, helping you to see the action as it occurs in real time – something that can mean the difference between virtual life and death for elite gamers. 

This particular monitor is a bit cheaper than the previous two above and will retail for $599. 

LG Australia’s GM of Marketing, Lambro Skropidis said: “LG Electronics has been at the forefront of screen and display technology for some time. We have typically focused the majority of our attentions on the TV space but now we’ve brought that wealth of knowledge and success to a market we feel will grow exponentially in the coming years, the world of monitors. 

“The introduction of our next-generation monitors gives you a glimpse of our intent; offering not one, but three outstanding, high-tech and individually unique monitors that appeal and cater to a whole host of different consumers.”

So, if you’re looking for a new monitor, LG’s triumphant trio of televisual terminals stands ready to tempt you into tipping open your wallet and blowing your visual cortex away.