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$299 Aldi Espresso Coffee Machine A Real Threat To More Expensive Breville & Delonghi Machines

Aldi is set to try and take on Breville, Delonghi, and Sunbeam in the premium Espresso Coffee machine market with a machine that is set to retail for just $299.

The 19 bar machine that is supplied by Temp is a serious machine that looks and feels superior to many of the more expensive machines currently on sale in Australia.

SmartHouse and ChannelNews first saw this machine last month, the coffee tamper alone is so solid and of such high quality staggers belief as to this machine can go on sale for such a low price.

The entire housing for the device is made from stainless steel unlike a lot of the more expensive models out there.

Users can get a single or double shot with the press of two easily accessible buttons. There is also an easy to read pressure gauge which allows owners to get the temperature and water pressure just right.
There is also an easy to access switch that allows one to toggle between Steam, Water or to put the machine in Standby Mode.

The high pressure frothing function delivers perfect milk at the right temperature due to the 19 bar pressure capability.

On the back almost hidden from view is a 2.1 Litre water tank and in the middle of the machine is a die cast aluminium boiler that is designed to deliver constant pressure to the machine.

There are also three attachments including a single and double shot filter, a stainless steel Milk Jug and the weighted Coffee Tamper.

This has to be one of the best value deals this year from Aldi with the device set to go on sale this Saturday May 25th.

As for the coffee it is excellent and like with most cups of coffee you are only as good as the tools needed to deliver blend of top bean and the right blend of milk or water.
This is the machine that makes this happen and the price is half that of most other machines.

Rating 10/10