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Sun Shines For CeBIT Crowd

Sun Shines For CeBIT Crowd

Some 25,000 are said to have signed up for attendance this year, compared with the 18,000 or so who trundled out to Olympic Park last year.

The opening session addressed by Guy Kawasaki was a standing-room only affair, with no seating or other facilities for media, while outside in the exhibition space, good curious crowds were already prowling the aisles.

Around 300 exhibitor teams had booked space, and most stands seemed to be drawing attention. Two of the most popular appeared to be Chinese maker MaxAero’s large stand full of working drones, and Tesla’s electric sports car display – though we didn’t spot any of the new business and household batteries Elon Musk has just introduced in the US, and which promise even bigger returns in the renewable energy age than the cars.

Speakers at the conference today include former NASA CTO Chris Kemp on “The Rise of Open-Source” (9.15am), and bad-boy hacker turned white-hat Kevin Mitnick on “The Art Of Deception – how hackers and con artists manipulate you and what you can do about it”