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New iPhone Camera To Mirror Samsung, Huawei After Supplier Deal

Renowned Apple commentator Ming-Chi Kuo predicts 2022 iPhones will incorporate different camera compentry  Рnot dissimilar to current flagship phones from Huawei and Samsung Рfollowing new supplier deals.

According to Apple Insider, the rumoured periscope camera lens is said to be similar to that on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Huawei P30 Pro, pledging better zoomed photo quality.

The componentry incorporates a mirror to offer a closer optical zoom for sharper photos versus digital zoom.

Periscope lenses for zooming in Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra permit 10x optical zoom, whilst Huawei’s P30 Pro offering 5x optical zoom.

By comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro pledges 2x optical zoom.

Two new suppliers will reportedly join Apple’s supply chain as it seeks to expand iPhone camera capabilities.

Reported by Apple Insider, the deal will see Korean lens supplier Semco and Chinese lens provider Sunny Optical offer parts in second-half 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Tech developments and low cost lens costs are said to be benefits of the new deal, with componentry tipped to expand from iPhones to Macs and iPads in the long-term.

Semco is reportedly set to offer a periscope telephoto lens for the 2022 iPhone.

This year’s iPhone release has been plagued by rumours of a delayed launch amidst the coronavirus pandemic, with Apple historically unveiling devices nee iPhones around September.

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